Five good reasons
to review XBEE
Enzyme Fuel Technology

natural fuel additive, OEM recommended
solves problems related to fuel quality
used by thousands of customers worldwide
reduces your carbon footprint
and is eco-certified
highly cost-effective and will save you money


First, let us start with the most important aspect of the product:

XBEE contains natural enzymes extracted from tree leaves, in a highly purified petroleum carrier. XBEE itself is a chemical-free, pure fuel. Fuels treated with XBEE remain in compliance with all liquid fuel standards, even if overdosed:

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If your fuel is in compliance with the standard, using it is guaranteed by your OEM!

XBEE is an ashless product, containing no chemicals, no alcohols, no metals, etc. Thanks to its natural composition, it is harmless to all alloys in engines.

  • Det Norske Veritas (Norway) and Veritas Petroleum (Netherlands) → in 2008 and 2018 respectively, analyzed pure XBEE and determined that XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology was completely safe for all engines
  • Wärtsilä Finland Oy → based on the aforementioned analysis, issued a letter of “No-Objection” to the use of the technology in their engines
  • Mak / Caterpillar (Germany) → conducted diesel engine combustion tests with XBEE at their Department of Motor Development and Testing. Based on their very positive results, they issued a letter of recommendation noting XBEE’s safety and efficacy in reducing maintenance costs, as well as XBEE’s positive effects on the environment

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Now that we know XBEE will only do good to your engines, let's see how good it is!

XBEE natural enzymes are powerful cleaning agents. They work in all kinds of ships and fuels.

From dredgers to trawlers to tuna vessels to ferries and cargoes and tankers to tug boats and barges… XBEE enzymes help!
From gasoil to MDO to MGO to Heavy Fuel Oil 180 and HFO 380 and VLSFO blends… XBEE enzymes improve them all!

How can our technology help you?

It does help fleet owners and technical managers by dispersing contaminants.

In light distillates, such as diesel, marine diesel and marine gasoil, enzymes disperse water in fuel, and prevent fuel-derived organic contamination in tanks.

In heavy fuels, from HFO 180 to HFO 380, XBEE helps to prevent and eliminate paraffin and other chemical contaminants. It also removes sludge from tanks and separators.

XBEE offers very powerful cleaning performance

Before and After XBEE Treatment

Cleaning Filters

Cleaning Engine

XBEE is fully approved for use in all engines

XBEE enzyme additive has been successfully used worldwide for many years in many sectors to improve fuel quality and increase efficiency.
Well, you know that already: A clean engine burning clean fuel means lower fuel consumption and reduced gas emissions!

We have been able to observe and measure fuel consumption reductions:

  • from 2.5 to 4% in light and pretty clean engines (e.g. fishing vessels)
  • from 7 to 9% in regular engines working at low loads (e.g. dredgers and tugboats)



Tug boats and barges, Caribbean:

Tug boats clean up diesel oil, reduce consumption of fuel filters and toxic gas emissions.

Reimerswaal Dredging, the Netherlands:

Dredgers treating their fuel with XBEE to improve maintenance and reduce fuel consumption.

NovaNam, Namibia:

Fleet of trawlers use XBEE diesel to eliminate contamination, and improve sustainable fishing.


Dredgers, tugboats, trawlers, tuna vessels, offshore...
Fuel consumption has been reduced by -6.5% on the PSV – DP II M/V Island Empress
Trawlers improve diesel with XBEE to clean up engines and reduce fuel consumption
This surface longliner reduced her fuel consumption by -6%!
Cargo maintains tanks and engine clean by improving diesel with XBEE
Fleet using XBEE to eliminate operational problems caused by fuel contamination
Someca reduces maintenance costs and prevents fuel contamination
Wärtsilä France recommended XBEE to remove carbon deposits
M/V Coastway, reduced specific fuel oil consumption by 9.8


Cargoes, tankers...
Cleaning fuel tanks and eliminating contaminants
Reducing NOx emissions and SFOC by 5.87%


Ferries, cargoes, container ships, tankers...
Ferry reduced CO2, NOx, SOx, soot and particles
Eliminating sludge on the Pacific ocean
Removing sludge from tanks, filters and separators
Ferries reduced smoke and toxic gas emissions

XBEE reduces toxic gas emissions

Treating fuel with XBEE additive means: reduced CO2, reduced NOx, reduced SOx, reduced HC!

So, what about you? Ready to reduce your carbon footprint with XBEE?

That's the volume of fuel treated with XBEE every year
That's the minimum volume of CO2 saved thanks to XBEE

XBEE is one of the most cost-effective fuel additive on the market

Well, with a ratio of 4,000:1 it might be the best value for your money?
XBEE is a very cost-effective and easy-to-use technology: only one product for all fuels, only one ratio of one liter of XBEE to 4 m³ of fuel.

You simply pour XBEE in the storage tank before filling or bunkering. And there you go!
By the way, XBEE is NOT a hazardous product and is NOT subject to any transport or storage regulations (see the MSDS for more information).

How much for such a great product?

Well, one drum of XBEE (208 liters) can treat up to 832 m³ of fuel. That represents only $7.9 extra per ton of fuel to clean and maintain all your fuel systems, and to preserve our environment.

Natural enzymes instead of chemicals, no biocides to disperse contaminants, remarkable reductions of gas emissions!